Don’t Take My Word for It

Don’t Take my Word for It – here’s what people have been saying about True Blue Ceremonies ….

Don't take my word for it
True Blue Ceremonies – Independent Celebrant
“There just aren’t enough words available to us to thank you for every single wonderful thing you have done for us.  You made our wedding magical, meaningful and completely and utterly perfect.  We both feel that we were married by a friend and you now have a very special place in our hearts.”  Clients Sarah and Ian after their bespoke wedding ceremony. 
“I cry my eyes out every time I read your beautiful words – how am I going to get through the ceremony?!  It’s so lovely, Katie – thank you so much!”  Client Gem, on reading her draft Wedding Ceremony.

“Katie that is amazing, got a lump in my throat reading it.”  Client Lindsey, on reading a first draft of her Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

“Hi Katie and so many thanks for performing a wonderful ceremony at our wedding last Saturday – the sun even shined for us.  A lot of people commented on how lovely and special it was – I can see why you have so many weddings now to perform!”  Clients Anne and Rob, after their bespoke garden wedding ceremony.

“If only we had known about this 7 years ago, instead of having to get married at 4.30pm in a hotel and rush through our celebrations.”  Nina, North Wales.

“We’re so pleased that we can recommend Katie to our Brides.  She is professional, friendly and always delivers beautifully personalised ceremonies to each and every couple.”  Clare, owner of The House Meadow (rustic outdoor wedding venue, Kent).    


If you would like a personalised Wedding Ceremony or Renewal of Vows please get in touch with me as soon as you can – the earlier the better, in order to research, plan and write your unique, bespoke script.    All the very best, Katie.  x

Top Advice for your Wedding

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget what’s really important when you’re planning your wedding day, isn’t it?

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK now estimated at between £18,000 and £20,000 (depending on which survey you read), it’s essential that you look at the budget you have available to you, and spend it wisely.  
When planning your wedding there really is no Right Way or Wrong Way …. just Your Way!  You should definitely stamp your own individuality onto the proceedings, with personal touches and ideas, for instance using an Independent Celebrant like me to write and conduct your ceremony (it’s more affordable than you might think).

But please don’t feel trapped into doing things in a certain manner either to please a family member or just because you think you ought to – spending your precious budget on superfluous items that nobody will remember just days, never mind years, later is just wasteful!  Now, if money were no object then we’d all be sitting on solid gold chairs with the finest French Champagne on tap … but that’s not a reality for most people.    Your Wedding should reflect the two of you as a couple, and the promises you’re making and keeping, and should not leave you exhausted, stressed and still paying off bills months later ….

Here’s my Top 10 of what I believe to be the most important aspects of a Wedding :

(1) A ceremony/reception venue that is flexible, not one that wants to steer you into having their “standard” wedding package.

(2) A photographer who has met and understands the two of you and will create beautiful images without making you feel awkward.

(3) Fresh flowers and bouquets made by a professional florist – I know they are more expensive but honestly it’s worth it (scrimp elsewhere!).

(4) A wedding dress/groom’s outfit that truly suits your body shape and feels comfortable to wear (you’ll be wearing it all day …) – this includes shoes!

(5) A sensible guest list that includes only those people that mean the absolute most to you!  With many wedding breakfasts costed per head, this is key.

(6) An element of your own personality on your wedding – whether this be home-made decorations, DIY favours or writing your own Wedding Vows.

(7) Someone to run the day for you; this could be the venue duty manager, wedding coordinator, wedding planner, your caterer, or a Toast Master.

(8) Simple, tasty food done well doesn’t have to be a la carte – sometimes a hog roast and a groaning table of delicious salads and home made cakes will do it!

(9) Music and entertainment that all your guests will appreciate and enjoy (and join in!) whether they are 2 or 102.

(10) Finally, the best bubbly you can afford for reception drinks and toasting, whether this is Asti Spumante, Prosecco or Veuve Cliquot!

Good luck with all your wedding planning, your wedding really is one of the most fun you’ll ever have amongst friends and family, and creates memories that will last forever!

Music for your Ceremony

Having conducted and officiated at hundreds of wedding ceremonies, I can tell you that your choice of music is an absolutely key factor in the success of a ceremony.  Aside from the vows, and the wording of the wedding ceremony itself, music really is the next most important aspect and needs careful consideration.

Flute and Musical NotationAnd it’s not just the pieces you choose but how it is played.  Think about whether you want to have live music, for instance a harpist, string quartet or small band.  Perhaps recorded music is what you prefer, via a CD player or playlist on your iPod.  However, even the best behaved music players provided by your venue will occasionally get hiccups and I have been in the embarrassing position of pressing Play and nothing happening more than once.   And it has always been at the most crucial moment as the entrance of the bride is announced to the room of awaiting guests!

As an Independent Celebrant I want to ensure that this never happens to my clients so have invested in a very robust outdoor portable PA system with a long battery life which packs a mean punch when the volume’s cranked up!  It also enables me to take it into the middle of a forest or on a beach where there’s little likelihood of an electric socket being available.

My PA allows me to play music from a smart phone, USB memory stick or SD card and musicians may hook up to it to amplify their own instrument or voice.  I always take it on my rehearsals so that we can have a sound check prior to the big day.  It’s the only way to ensure stress-free music!

Just for fun, here’s a link to the Top 30 Wedding “First Dance” list with videos … enjoy!

Top 30 First Dance Wedding Songs of 2013

Outdoor Ceremonies

I love to conduct outdoor weddings for my clients, and am becoming well known for these.  Most of the couples who contact me wish to hold a truly outdoor wedding, often in a place where there is no civil licence.

A particular favourite is The House Meadow at Worsenden Farm near Biddenden, Kent.  It is set on a working stud farm but is a complete blank canvas for brides to dress the way they want.  Lots of couples like the relaxed vibe at the farm, and hire yurts, tents and marquees to give a festival type feel, often taking over the venue for the whole weekend.

Check out The House Meadow website for further details  House Meadow

2013-05-25 13.23.02


Ceremony area in the rustic Gazebo 

on the Pond at the House Meadow

Christina and Ben hired me to conduct their outdoor wedding ceremony at Hadlow Manor Hotel, a Grade II listed Georgian manor house, near Tonbridge.  We held the ceremony on the lawn in the beautiful hotel grounds.

Take a look at Hadlow Manor’s video showreel on their homepage here

2013-07-24 14.20.49

We arranged the seating in a semi

circle with a wide aisle

underneath the shade of the large tree




I conducted a romantic wedding for Nick and Katie at Wilderness Wood, Hadlow Down in East Sussex in the summer of 2013.  Wilderness Wood is 62 acres of award winning sustainable woodland and the ceremony was held “streamside” a 10 minute hike to the car park! A unique back to nature experience!

Wilderness Woods


The Chestnut Pole Pavilion

at Wilderness Wood

decorated for a wedding reception




A lot of couples wish to hold a ceremony in their own home.  I was asked to write and conduct a Renewal of Vows Ceremony to celebrate a Ruby Wedding Anniversary for Viv & Keith in their beautiful garden in West Malling this year.

2013-07-14 15.29.32




Viv had created a beautiful arbour in

the garden decorated with flowers

under which we held the ceremony









A Bespoke Personal Ceremony & Vows

To make your wedding day and ceremony truly personal I can write and deliver a unique ceremony tailored entirely to the two of you, without the restrictions placed upon a traditional religious, civil or Humanist event.  If you’d like to do it your own way, rather than conform to a fixed standard format or a “one size fits all” approach, then it’s entirely possible!


 I believe we are really only limited by our own imagination – why not give your guests a wedding to remember, and some amazing memories that you’ll both treasure for years?

We can include many different elements in your ceremony, from performing a traditional hand-fasting, to the lighting of a unity candle to signify two families joining, or perhaps a sand ceremony (especially if we’re at the beach!).

There really are so many ways to celebrate your nuptials, why follow the herd when you can add your very own personal stamp to the proceedings?  You will spend time researching and planning your colour scheme, wedding theme, your decorations, invitations and name places, why not spend a little time on your vows and personal promises too?

Contact me now to have a chat about your ideas – and let’s start getting them turned into reality!

Your Ceremony, Your Way?

Have you ever wanted to exchange wedding vows on a beach?  Or how about holding a child’s naming ceremony or a wedding blessing in your garden at home?  If you think it just isn’t possible then think again –  you could have the day you have been wanting – just the way you want it.


The law in England and Wales states that if you have been resident for at least 7 days here you may marry within a licenced premises (this could be a church, chapel, Register Office or any number of approved venues who hold a civil ceremony licence).  

So how about that little bit of beach or your back garden or any other place that has taken your fancy …  does it have a licence …?  Worry not!

You may hold your Wedding Ceremony anywhere you like!  All that must happen first, is that you both visit and register your marriage at your local Register Office – most people like to make an appointment to do this very casually (wearing jeans and t shirt !) on the morning of the wedding … Just the 2 of you, with 2 witnesses.


All you legally need to do at this time is state your legal and declaratory words to each other and you will be pronounced husband and wife and receive your marriage certificate.  Hurrah!

You don’t even have to exchange rings – you will be doing this at your Wedding Ceremony a little later on!  Now off you go and get ready for the Ceremony of your dreams