A Bespoke Personal Ceremony & Vows

To make your wedding day and ceremony truly personal I can write and deliver a unique ceremony tailored entirely to the two of you, without the restrictions placed upon a traditional religious, civil or Humanist event.  If you’d like to do it your own way, rather than conform to a fixed standard format or a “one size fits all” approach, then it’s entirely possible!


 I believe we are really only limited by our own imagination – why not give your guests a wedding to remember, and some amazing memories that you’ll both treasure for years?

We can include many different elements in your ceremony, from performing a traditional hand-fasting, to the lighting of a unity candle to signify two families joining, or perhaps a sand ceremony (especially if we’re at the beach!).

There really are so many ways to celebrate your nuptials, why follow the herd when you can add your very own personal stamp to the proceedings?  You will spend time researching and planning your colour scheme, wedding theme, your decorations, invitations and name places, why not spend a little time on your vows and personal promises too?

Contact me now to have a chat about your ideas – and let’s start getting them turned into reality!

Your Ceremony, Your Way?

Have you ever wanted to exchange wedding vows on a beach?  Or how about holding a child’s naming ceremony or a wedding blessing in your garden at home?  If you think it just isn’t possible then think again –  you could have the day you have been wanting – just the way you want it.


The law in England and Wales states that if you have been resident for at least 7 days here you may marry within a licenced premises (this could be a church, chapel, Register Office or any number of approved venues who hold a civil ceremony licence).  

So how about that little bit of beach or your back garden or any other place that has taken your fancy …  does it have a licence …?  Worry not!

You may hold your Wedding Ceremony anywhere you like!  All that must happen first, is that you both visit and register your marriage at your local Register Office – most people like to make an appointment to do this very casually (wearing jeans and t shirt !) on the morning of the wedding … Just the 2 of you, with 2 witnesses.


All you legally need to do at this time is state your legal and declaratory words to each other and you will be pronounced husband and wife and receive your marriage certificate.  Hurrah!

You don’t even have to exchange rings – you will be doing this at your Wedding Ceremony a little later on!  Now off you go and get ready for the Ceremony of your dreams