Personalise your Wedding Ceremony

How to Personalise your Wedding Ceremony

More and more couples are personalising their weddings so that it’s completely unique to them and their personalities.  To personalise every aspect of the wedding the first place to start is with your ceremony!

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The beauty of hiring a Kent Wedding Celebrant to write and conduct your Wedding Ceremony is that the content is absolutely yours to choose and own.  It really is the perfect opportunity to completely tailor your day and make it different from everybody else’s!

Write your own Wedding Vows

We recommend that couples try writing their own wedding vows to one another.  We send all our clients a huge list of example Vows, Personal Promises and Ring Vows as a starting-off point. They can tweak them or add their own twist if they can’t create something from scratch.  Wedding Vows can be short, simple and poignant, or much more involved.  They can be a few lines long or stretch to a full side of A4 paper!  Remember you’ll be reading these words out to your spouse in front of your loved ones so if you’re prone to being emotional keep them brief!  But if you can make them funny, all the better!

Personal Readings or Poetry

Why not ask a friend or relative to write you a bespoke poem?  Alternatively they could read a particularly meaningful piece of prose or writing.  A Celebrant-led wedding has no restrictions so a religious text, prayer or blessing is fine too!

Ritual and Symbolism

To personalise your Wedding Ceremony – there are so many lovely ideas that you might want to consider for your own day and here are just a few examples that have been used in Ceremonies for our own clients:

Hand Fasting

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Handfasting is very popular as a short ritual after exchange of vows, here the couple chose 3 simple cords which are bound around their clasped hands.  It’s one way of “tying the knot” a modern twist on the ancient Celtic tradition .

Smashing the Glass & Sharing a Quaich

Smashing the glass is popular with couples who wish to acknowledge their Jewish heritage, without having a full religious service.  One of the pair will stamp on the glass held in a cloth bag at the end of the wedding ceremony whilst everyone shouts “mazel tov” in congratulations!  You’ll see a silver two-handled dish also on this table, along with two different gins – this Anglo/American couple toasted themselves with a mixture of both using this Scottish/Irish traditional quaich! 

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Sand Ceremony

coloured sand ceremony jars sand blending ceremony wedding couple independent celebrant katie keen true blue ceremonies

We incorporated a sand blending ritual after hearing that my couple got engaged in the Moroccan Desert and would be honeymooning in the Arabian Desert.  We poured a foundation layer of sand at the bottom of the glass vase first.  The couple then layered the two other colours together in a pattern, signifying that their lives were now intertwined and impossible to part – like the grains of sand.

Unity Candle Ceremony

A symbolic candle lighting makes a ceremony really quite special.  It celebrates the joining of two individuals in marriage, and two families coming together.  Family members will light the taper candles before passing to the couple.  Two flames are joined to light the central unity candle. You can buy personalised unity candle sets online very easily or make your own.

Please get in touch if you would like a personalised wedding ceremony that’s written just for you. We would love to tell your love story!  Contact Us or complete the Make an Enquiry form. We’d love to hear your ideas!  Katie & Jo x

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